Driver Introduction


Aircraft and Ground Vehicles normally remain separated by great distances. In the normal routine of life pilots and drivers rarely have to be concerned with one another. At airports, however, this all changes. Ground vehicles are required on airports for any number of reasons; passenger service, aircraft support, and airport maintenance are just a few of these reasons.

Anyone who drives a vehicle on any part of the Airport Operations Area (AOA) is responsible for the safety of that vehicle. Avoiding incursions, safety, and airport security are all chief concerns of anyone driving on the AOA.

In regard to ground vehicle traffic, an incursion happens anytime a vehicle creates a collision hazard for an aircraft. On a congested ramp, a busy taxiway, or a full traffic pattern, this can happen quite easily. A driver who understands how the airport operates will be able to avoid incursions.

Non-Movement and Movement Areas

Driving privileges on the AOA are divided between Non-Movement and Movement Areas. A driver who will only need access to the ramp and vehicle access roads will be required to study the non-movement area section of this manual only. A driver who needs access to all areas of the airport will be required to study all of this manual.