Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) – DTOS59-21-RA-RAISE

RAISE Grant Award Request: $6,000,000
Total Project Cost: $11,000,000
Project Location: North Bend, Oregon (Rural)




Demolition of existing CCAD cargo facility, construction of new technology forward cargo and seafood transfer facility, including road realignment for efficient truck access, vehicle parking and aircraft cargo ramp and transitioning apron. Project will promote infrastructure expansion for intermodal transfer of seafood and freight and expanded surface accommodation for business, tourism and other industries with a mobility sector connection to aviation.

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Letters of Support

The Coos County Airport District has received strong support for the project from:

General Aviation

The construction of a new cargo and seafood transfer facility, with the associated expanded ramp, would allow for a significant increase in the Airport’s ability to accommodate and overnight larger cargo aircraft.

Crowded Ramp Consisting of a Mixture of Cargo Aircraft and General Aviation