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Airport Annual Part 139 Certification Inspection Completed

Bob Hood, Fire Chief and Operations Manager meets with FAA personnel prior to the Part 139 Certification annual review and inspection.

(North Bend, OR) – Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) inspectors were on site this week for the annual certification review of airport operations. The annual inspection is required under the airport’s Part 139 certification. FAA inspectors met with Operations and Maintenance supervisors. They conducted a nighttime inspection of runway/taxiway and apron lighting and signage. The Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Unit underwent a timed fire drill and equipment check. Fueling facilities were inspected. And, training and maintenance records were reviewed.

Airport administration was briefed on findings that stated a need to upgrade some maintenance forms for navigation aids. The Southwest Oregon Regional Airport is one of seven Part 139 airports in the state, which includes Portland International and Eugene.  The certification is required because the airport serves scheduled and unscheduled air carrier aircraft with more than 30 seats.